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About Me

Who is Ashley

My name is Ashley Herndon. I am a 22-year-old woman who decided to take on a real estate centered trade to learn all about houses, and to spread my knowledge with others. I believe education is important in any venture you decide to take on no matter how big or how small. To help you in a huge life changing decision makes me feel good knowing I did my best, being an important part of your moment.


Herndon Home Inspections provide a necessary service to new and experienced homeowners. My services cater to homeowners and future homeowners who understand the responsibility of owning a house and take this extra step to ensure the home is in perfect, livable condition for them and their family.


What I Do

I am the owner and inspector of Herndon Home Inspections​. I offer inspections for residential homes. The Herndon Home Inspection covers the following systems:


Exterior Structure


Interior Structure

Insulation & Ventilation



Heating & Cooling

Inspections are non-invasive and give a general summary of the property and its components.


I have trained to become a home inspector for the past 2 years. I have my InterNACHI certification. I graduated from Dream Home Inspections Professional Home Inspection Course which is an inclusive course that provides on field training. Also, I graduated from Inspector Flow Group Coaching Program, a 20-week course teaching me how to become a certified inspector. I’ve inspected over 40 houses so far in my career and I’m ready to invest my knowledge into your home.

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